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The weather has been beautiful in Ohio. I think we might see snow only one more time (At least that is what I'm hoping). The robins are back and the grass is green. I saw some trees budding. My favorite flowers are starting to bloom, the Daffodil. These always remind me of my Mom. She had such beautiful Daffodils in her gardens.

I have been enjoying my grandchildren so much. We enjoy splashing around in puddles and making a mess!! They sure make me laugh and allow me to play like I'm their age.

Ron is getting ready for garden planting. He enjoys looking through the seed catalogs and planning out his garden plots. Last year he grew and sold almost 700 beautiful mums.

We also had a great produce stand that our neighbors truly loved. We will be doing this again this summer but bigger and better than before. We sell our brown eggs and honey too.

So as the nice weather is coming upon us, we look forward to seeing you at our produce stand. Or if you need some embroidery, screen printing or bling, give me a call to arrangement a time to meet..

Happy spring to all of you!

Nancy Love

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